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mitt romney sat down to sign his first legislation of health care reform law. nothing like it existed in the country back then. but republican mitt romney and the late democratic senator ted kennedy and a bunch of other folks from the state worked very, very hard to craft a law that made universal coverage possible in the great state of massachusetts. governor romney signed that law publicly with a big grin on his face back in 2006. well, today, president obama returned to that very room to talk about his signature health care law, which is based on what massachusetts did that worked so well in that state. the president was introduced by mitt romney's successor in massachusetts, governor duval patrick, and both the president and his friend, governor patrick, talked about what has gone wrong or can go wrong, with health care in your state. they talked about what could go wrong in the initial rollout, what goes wrong and how that stuff can get fixed. >> but our launch seven years ago was not flawless. we asked an i.t. staffer who has been at our connecter since the beginning, what the s
on christie from the vetting team from romney's vp search, it described in the back this according to the "new york times." romney's team was left with questions about potential land mines involving christie. a defamation lawsuit early in his political career. a securities and exchange settlement involving his brother and medical history. beth i hadder who is led the search committee told the new york times in a statement the paper was arranged by christie aide and governor christie complied fully with the romney campaign's request for do you means in a timely manner including a medical reporter from his internist and cardiologist. not complete denials, but a statement of fact. according to reports on the book, romney's super secret vetting process was known as project goldfish and potential candidates were known as fish names. putter fish was him. filet o fish was rob portman and pescado was marco rubio. get it? as both get raised, they are polling better than anybody else, both ever losing bipartisan shine. clinton remains a popular figure second only to christie, the percentage of folks who
. the president shortly will be in massachusetts. the very place where mitt romney was joined by ted kennedy in signing the 2006 health care overhaul bill for that state of massachusetts. our first read team and others, mitt romney had bipartisan support. the president does not. here we are four years later this four year war as the first read team has called over health care and the president if you will at the ground zero point trying to not necessarily take away from what's happened on capitol hill today but put the conversation what he believes on track. >> right, he is definitely trying to put the conversation on track. one thing today with stating as you said that he stands squarely behind kathleen sebelius, his embattled secretary, one reason is the politics to do that because he will show a sign of weakness for the system, aca big piece of his legacy of his presidency, will show up a bit of weakness if he were to let her go. when you talk about the war, there is a war. and some of what you saw today in the hearing, many of the gops asking questions of kathleen sebelius asked same que
in boston where mitt romney signed romney care into law. and there, president obama defended the affordable care act. >> president obama is expected to share the limelight. >> so health care reform in this state was a success. >> president obama is minutes away. >> stop in boston by the president. >> from a critical speech on his health care law. >> let's face it. we've had a problem. >> website glitches. >> website hasn't worked the way it is supposed to. >> no doubt about that. >> no excuse for it. >> i apologize. >> i am accountable to you for fixing these problems. >> taking the blame. >> kathleen sebelius. >> we were wrong. we must fix it. >> a few committee members. >> had their rehearsed one-liner. >> to be played on cable news. >> some people like to drive a ford not a ferrari. >> has a man ever delivered a baby. >> of come on in the water is fine. >> toto, we are not in kansas. >> the proverbial, we are not in kansas any more. >> you are from kansas. we are not in kansas anymore. >> you clearly, whatever. >> we are working overtime to improve it every day. >> that's good news. >> t
to and even then at the very last minute. under romney-care in massachusetts, in many ways, this was the template of the affordable care act. this is where things stood after one month, 123 people have seened up. granted, it is one state, there are 34 states using the federal obama care website. that's about one-third of 1%. after otwo months in massachusetts, just 2,300 people have enrolled. it was only after 11 months under the threat of a penalty about to be imposed that more than 36,000 people in massachusetts would go on to enroll. most of them didn't enroll until that 11-month mark. so obama care can work. it won't kick in until the end of next march, five months from now. getting it to work depends on getting the problems ironed out and getting americans of all ages signed up. the obama administration needs to straighten out the political mess it's created. it's not just one future cabinet secretary at stake. this is the fate of the democratic party and beyond it is tied to whether obama care succeeds. the short term, that means getting the website fixed. in the long
comments about president obama. >>> plus, what is mitt romney saying about chris christie's weight? >>> and this atlanta city police beating caught on tape. now one officer is blowing the whistle. >> somebody that would do this shouldn't have a gun and a badge. cowards. >> stay with us. [ grunts softly ] [ ding ] i sense you've overpacked, your stomach. try pepto to-go. it's pepto-bismol that fits in your pocket. relief can be yours, but your peanuts... are mine. ♪ but, dad, you've got... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands? >>> have you joined the "politicsnation" conversation on facebook yet? we hope you will. tonight everyone was talking about this graphic showing that the republicans have been saying the deficit has been sinking during president obama's leadership. barbara says our debt was inherited. and peggy says the gop and tea party don't believe in facts. they continue to make up their own. do you know someone who needs som
, and a message for their home president. martha: the president's former opponent mitt romney has choice words for him over the broken obamacare promises. >> if you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. period. [applauding] bill: there are tens of thousands in the streets of tehran earlier today. anti-american rallies in the capital city today also marks the 34th anniversary of the start of the hostage situation. amy kellogg covers this from london today. the heaviest demonstrations every year now, how was this one different? >> you know, bill, my first trip coincided with this demonstration. i was literally taken from the airport in tehran the demonstration. we both started staring at me and finally one girl approached me and asked where i was from. i pointed the burning u.s. flag and she and her friends just first into smiles and said welcome to our country. not understanding the irony at all. in the past i would say these demonstrations would be full of students who sort of joined the street
if it works out. >> absolutely. congressman peter welsh. thank you>>> mitt romney responds to health care. next is out of control but not for the reasons you might think. >>> plus, back to today's long- awaited obama care hearing, republican mike rogers blasting secretary sebelius on the issue of website security. >> you accepted a risk on behalf of every user of the computer that put their personal financial information at risk because you didn't have the most basic end to end test on security on this system. [ dennis ] it's always the same dilemma -- who gets the allstate safe driving bonus check. rock beats scissors! [ chuckles ] wife beats rock. and with two checks a year, everyone wins. [ female announcer ] switch today and get two safe driving bonus checks a year for driving safely. only from allstate. call 866-906-8500 now. [ dennis ] zach really loves his new camera. problem is...this isn't zach. it's a friend of a friend who was at zach's party and stole his camera. but zach'sot it covered... with allstate renters insurance. [ female announcer ] protect your valuables for as lo
at a health care rally up in massachusetts, the state made famous for his so-called romney care which was used as a blueprint to the affordable care act of the president's. the president is at war with republican who is have made it their sole mission these days and years to destroy the health care law. while the aca has certainly seen its share of glitches or problems, the gop has gone to great lengths to magnify and in many cases distort the issues. look at the latest headline in today's los angeles times. quote, another obama care horror story debunked. a democrat from washington and an m.i.t. professor in economics. he also served as an adviser to the white house and to congress on the president's health care plan. congresswoman, i want to start with you. i think somebody from mars would watch the congress these days and say what are those people so angry about? fighting like mad from the republican side with all this anguish and frightening anger. and i get the feeling it's not about whether the program is working or not. what they are angry about the democrats and angry about the preside
's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good.® >>> during the 2012 presidential campaign, mitt romney had a problem. i mean, obviously mitt romney had a lot of problems, but he had one particular problem when he picked paul ryan who was nationally famous at that point for one thing, for being the budget guy who wanted to kill medicare. paul ryan released budget after budget after budget over a period of years that called for the dismantling of medicare. and mitt romney didn't want to be known as the presidential candidate wanting to kill medicare. that's a really tall order. so the romney camp came up with a solution, i'm rubber, you're glue solution. look, mitt romney claims president obama will end medicare. oh, he'll -- i see. problem solved. in politics, this is a classic. when you're getting attacked for something, just accuse your opponent of being guilty of the same thing. whatever the attack is, if it's sticking to you, just apply those words in a substantively meaningless way to whoever's saying it about you so it seems to start seem confusing to people or the words losing their meaning. it's
people? mitt romney thinks so. >> had the president been truthful and told the american people that millions would lose their insurance and there would have been such a hew and cry against it, it would not have passed. >> more from the president's former opponent on the shore. >> a college student missing for 36 hours is found trapped in a tiny crevice between two buildings. how is he found and how did he get there in the first place? we'll tell you what we know on this monday morning. >> a scary moment in the nfl when a coach collapses on the field in the middle of a game. what happened? will he be okay? why do we still have so many questions? "fox & friends" starts now. >> hi. i'm larry holmes. you're watching "fox & friends." a real knockout. >> thank you, larry. welcome aboard to the world's number one early morning cable news show. good morning to you. >> how unbelievable is it? two coaches go down in two days. how stressful is that job? >> it is stressful. there is a lot of pressure there. if it doesn't go well, they don't have thraeur job anymore. >> speaking of pressure
mode trying to sell his health care law to the public while using mitt romney's plan in massachusetts as an example. >> if it was hard doing it just in one state, it's harder to do it in all 50 states. especially when the governors of a bump nch of states and half o the congress aren't trying to help. yeah, it's hard, but it's worth it. it is the right thing to do and we'll keep moving forward. what can happen here in massachusetts could happen all across the country. and for them and for you, we are going to see this through. >> the problems surrounding along with the irs, benghazi, the nsa have left president obama with an apa approv an approval rating at an all-time low. just 42% approve of the job he's doing.rating at an all-time low. just 42% approve of the job he's doing. 51% disapprove. and for comparison sake, president george w. bush fell from 72% approval in 2002 post-9/11 to 39% by the same point in his second term. and for the first time in the survey, the president's positive/negative rating is actually upside down 41% to 45%. but public opinion for the gop
didn't raise 18 new taxes, and our bill passed 198-2. >> aides to romney who signed the bill into law, said he worked for three years to build consensus with democrats, and brown says the value of the bipartisanship is hard to overstate. >> the governor, the senate president, the speaker of the house, business leaders saying we have a real problem. we have people going into emergency rooms and not paying a penny. >> the massachusetts law was also rolled out more slowly, and brown said states are better positioned to deal with health care than the federal government. the massachusetts plan didn't have the computer problems the affordable care act is suffering, and romney said, quote, had president obama actually learned the lessons of massachusetts health care, millions of americans would not lose the insurance they were promised they could keep. they demonstrate the latest health care act, the promise they could keep if they liked them. obama care sets minimum standard coverage that many plans on the market don't meet. mr. obama declared those plans substandard and said the affordable
then governor mitt romney as a better example for how we can do this on a national level? because nearly 100% of adults and children in massachusetts have health care coverage. >> well, you can't take massachusetts and compare it to the entire country. you know, tennessee had a plan as well and it was a complete and total failure. so i think you have to take all of these things into context. this is what you get when you have the federal government take over something as important as health care coverage for every american. >> all right. so over the weekend, though, we heard president bill clinton talking about this, congresswoman. i want to play a small portion of what the former president had to say. >> look at america today. we've got to implement this health care law. the computer deal will get fixed up, don't worry about that. everybody has forgotten, by the way, that when president george w. bush, a republican, put that medicare part d drug program in, it was more unpopular than the health care law and they had terrible problems with the computers. >> congresswoman, it was eight years
about after the mitt romney presidential loss last year. so, congressman tom cole was asked by russell berman of "the hill" newspaper in d.c. if there might possibly be time to give immigration a vote in the house between now and the end of the year, since it already passed the senate and, frankly, the house doesn't seem all that busy. here was his response. >> but, you know, immigration is a divisive and difficult issue itself. the idea that congress can -- look, we haven't -- we're not sure we can chew gum, let alone walk and chew gum, so let's just chew gum for a while." >> we don't know, we can walk and chew gum, let alone walk -- you know, can we just chew gum for a while? congressman raul labrador of idaho had been very involved in the discussions about immigration on the republican side. he now tells the "associated press", "i don't think there is going to be sufficient time for us to discuss immigration." congressman mario diaz-balart, also a leading voice for republicans on this issue, tells "congressional quarterly," "our problem now is time. if i knew that we had a lot more
and that big boogie man about socialized medicine about romney care which is really what it wanted. obama said we won't have a single payer plan. so what happens is that if they demonize it enough, more people don't sign up. and they bury it. and they make the premiums rise. they make the cost rise. it is absolutely outrageous that they're trying to undermine this rather than make it work. give it a chance, make it google 1.2. make it 2.0. then if it fails, that's one thing. but here we've got to start at finally providing people who desperately need care and bringing down the costs of medical care. this is crazy. >> i want to bring in congressman g.k. butterfield, democrat from north carolina. congressman, morning. >> good morning. >> i think it has been fair to say it has been a horrible, terrible, very bad week for obama care and the rollout. you're on the committee that will question kathleen sebelius on wednesday. what does she have to say? how do you think the administration starts to turn this around? >> thank you for having me this morning. i think carl hit the nail on the head a momen
was not going to help the president's chances. also in the book, mitt romney was seriously considering chris christie for vice president but the campaign ruled help out due to unanswered questions about his background and his health. president obama has disdain for rubbing elbows not just reserved for republicans. he could not name his campaign top bunk letters and after meeting with gorm sore rows, he allegedly said if we don't get anything out of him, he would never sit with him again. the book also details the complicated relationship between the president and bill clinton. during a golf outing in 2011 meant to strengthen the bond between the two, they didn't finish all 18 holes. and after coming off the course, obama allegedly told aides about clinton, quote, i like him in doses. the book notes that the president has come to rely, though, on clinton's advice, but their relationship of course may once again be put to the test as we get closer to 2016 and a possible presidential run by hillary. >>> another turn in the texas abortion law situation. a federal appeals court overturned a lower
.n.a.p. participation in the country, 16 voted for mitt romney. now, there are two lines of republican attack. one is legitimate, but i think mistaken, and one is illegitimate. the legitimate attack is, gee, so many people are unemployed, it's obama's fault. if the economy wasn't in such bad shape, we wouldn't need this. i agree with that, although the people making this attack are the people that caused the collapse of our economy. the second attack, i believe, is race-based or at least racially tinged. the implication that people are somehow takers and the implication that they're non-white, even though the majority of the people on the food stamps program always are and always have been majorly white. >> there are people raging against the takers, because those people are someone else. but i also want to point out that it was in -- that the s.n.a.p. extension was in the stimulus bill for a reason. food stamps are economic stimulus for everybody, whether you're part of s.n.a.p. or not. >> that's a really critically important point. not only do we have a ballooning -- i mean, the political conver
that same day where he's going to compare this rollout to the rollout of mitt romney's health care plan in massachusetts. bret. >> ed henry on the north lawn. thank you. while millions are still unable to learn the nuts and bolts of the health care exchanges from the government's troubled website, some people up to no good may actually be learning more about you. correspondent peter ducy tells us how that works. >> reporter: the system is down at the moment. that's what consumers trying to apply for coverage at were told for more than 12 hours sunday night into monday following a network failure at verizon teremark. the contractor paid more than $15.5 million to host the website's data services hub which helps verify applicant identities. this outage happened just a day after health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius wrote, "states are reporting that they are satisfied with the hub's performance." hhs announced today "as of 7:00 a.m. this morning the data services hub was fully operational." however, other problems with persist. and now lawmaker
he made the point this obama care is very much like romney care and made a claim act potentially where some of these problems may have originated. let's listen. >> health care is complicated and it's very personal. and it's easy to scare folks. and it's no surprise that some of the same folks trying to scare people now are the same folks who have been trying to sink the the affordable care act from the beginning. >> i've got to say, katon, two, three weeks ago, y'all were shutting down the government so the people couldn't sign up, and now you're holding hearings because you're mad because people can't sign up. >> always surprised that this is another government program that spent $600 million and it didn't work. doesn't matter which one it is. >> this is a website. >> they're going to make it work. i got that. 18 months from now is when the whole story is going to be told electorally, and that's what's happening here. the president is articulating. i think the president has had some bad advice from his people. i told you earlier in the work rooms that his staff has probably diss
please, what were you going to say? >> somehow mitt romney lost that election. joy raised a great point, i thought, about the abortion debate for the pushback from pro-choice against pro-life is the issue of intrusion, you're intruding upon people's choices. for conservatives, the pushback against obama care is you're having the government intrude into your life when it comes to your health care choices. and getting a notice in the mail saying your health care policy is no longer applicable, void, doubled, tripled, what have you, this is the next thing to look forward to as we move beyond obama care in the next controversy what can government do next to come into your life, and one thing we kicked around in california, what you see sooner or later is universal preschool for kids, 4-year-old kid, 5-year-old kid and putting them into a state run system before they go into kindergarten. >> one push back on the insurance. it is not as if before the affordable care act passed your health insurance premiums never went up. like they go up all the time. this is something routine in the insuranc
Search Results 0 to 36 of about 37 (some duplicates have been removed)